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How bright is it

October 5th, 2014 by Michael Helander

Since launching aerelight we’ve got a lot of great feedback and questions from the community. One questions that has come up quite often is “How bright is it?” As a light source, it’s only natural that people would want to know how bright aerelight is and what the light distribution looks like across a table or desk.

Unfortunately light sources are very tricky to accurately photograph due to the high dynamic range of the scene (i.e., the light source is many times brighter than the surrounding scene, particularly in dark settings). For aerelight there is also the additional challenge of accurately photographing the light distribution from the Organic LED (OLED) light panel. OLED is unlike any other light source and so it requires special attention to capture its true essence.

We have been working hard to collect more media of aerelight in action to give you a better sense of how bright it is and what the light distribution looks like. We’ll be sharing more photos and videos over the coming weeks and looking for additional feedback from the community.

We do a lot of internal testing of aerelight in our office as well as in our own homes. For the past few months I’ve been using aerelight as my only desk light at home. When I work at home at night I like to have my desk and keyboard lit up, but without having to turn on overhead lights. It was through this testing that we discovered dimming was an essential feature requirement. I found that at night that the 1,000 lux of illumination provided by aerelight was too much; a typical office environment is only about 500 lux.

To demonstrate what aerelight and its unique OLED light source look like in operation in my home office I took a series of photos at different brightness levels. You might recognize my home office setup from some of the photos we used on the main website for the aerelight launch.

As an aside, in case anyone is wondering my home office setup is an IKEA Tranetorp dining table, 27” iMac with Magic Trackpad, Wacom Intuos 5 drawing tablet, and of course a red aerelight lamp.

Anyway, to try and give a more accurate comparison of brightness between different dimming levels I set a fixed exposure using the brightness of my computer screen as a reference. All of the photos below were taken using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i, same as what we used for the other photos on the main aerelight site.

My home office with an aerelight lamp at 0% brightness

My home office with an aerelight lamp at about 1/10 brightness

My home office with an aerelight lamp at about 1/3 brightness

My home office with an aerelight lamp at full brightness

Hopefully these photos give you better sense of what aerelight looks like in action. I usually prefer using my aerelight at about 1/3 of the maximum brightness level when doing more intense computer work at night; or when I’m also using a notebook at the same time. For more casual web browsing and writing emails 1/10 of the maximum brightness is more than enough light.

I hope these photos give you a better sense of what aerelight looks like in action. We’ll have more to share shortly.

— Michael

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